Rolling Mill Equipment:

Long Product Mills comprising of Mill Stand
(Conventional, Housingless, both vertical / horizontal & H/V Convertible), Gear Boxes, Automatic Cooling Bed, Shears, Pinch rolls, Loopers, Cold Shear, Finishing Equipment etc.



Types of Rolls:

  • Indefinite Chilled Cast Iron ( Ni | Cr | Mo )
  • Double Pour Indefinite Chilled Cast Iron
  • High Strength S G Ferritic
  • S G Pearlitic
  • S G Accicular
  • Graphitic Steel ( Special Alloy Steel )
  • Alloy Cast Steel / Adamite
  • Adamite ( High Alloy Steel )
  • High Speed Steel
  • Reels & Rings
  • Labyrinth and Spacer Rings




Turnkey Project of Submerged Arc Furnaces


  • Submerged Arc Furnace Capacity: 9MVA – 18MVA toproduce15000MT- 30000MTI Annum, respectively
  • Raw Materials: Mn ore and Quartz
  • Reductants: Coal and Coke
  • Fluxes: Dolomite
  • Consumaoles: Carbon Paste, Casing Sheet, Lancing Pipe, Cl Pans, etc
  • All other related Auxiliaries and Spares and Balancing equipment 


Raw Materials, Spares, Consumables & Auxiliaries
  • Raw Materials – Sponge Iron & Billets
  • Reheating Furnaces along with Refractory & Castables
  • Roller Bearing, Nylon Pads, Fibre Bearing / Keys and Roller Guides
  • Rolling Mill Machinery & Spares
  • Workshop Machinery & Tools
  • Material Handling Equipment: EOT Crane, Magnets and Mobile Cranes
  • Electrical Motors, Panels and Cables
  • Water Complex Equipment such as Pumps, Cooling Towers, Pipelines & Hardware
  • Hydraulic, Pneumatic & Lubrication Systems
  • Consumables for Induction Furnaces such as CI Pans, CI Slag Pots, Ramming Mass, Moulds etc
  • Laboratory & Testing Equipment’s
  • Pollution Control and Fume Extraction Systems
  • Capacitor Banks for Power Factor Improvement
  • Knives and Shear Blades
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